Things to Know Before Visiting the Amazon Forest


Amazon Rainforests

While in Brazil, visiting the Amazon rainforest can be one of the purest ad most enriching experiences of your life. Not only do you get to see Nature in its most primitive and raw form, but if you are lucky, you may also get to witness some of the rarest and most endangered forms of animals, plants and birds on the entire planet. No matter how scary, the idea of visiting the Amazon remains extremely popular, and every year, thousands of people take the bold step.

However, before you embark on this adventurous trip, there are some things that you need to keep in mind, for your safety as well as that of others with you.

  • Get the necessary vaccines: The Amazon forest is a tropical region, which means that it also fosters a wide array of viruses, bacteria and other disease causing micro-organisms. Therefore, b before embarking on your journey, visit your trusted doctor and get updated on your necessary vaccines in order to protect yourself from a wide array of diseases like yellow fever, malaria, dengue, typhoid and so on.
  • Know the weather: if you are not accustomed to tropical weathers, the Amazon maybe harsh for you. Therefore, do a little bit of research as to which season would suit you. For instance, the rainy season, which lasts roughly from the month of May to September, is the hottest and receives the most rain. As a result, the banks are flooded. If you like this, then go for it. However, for the ones who prefer drier times, the months are advised as you get ample sunshine and the weather is not that humid.
  • Getting an experienced guide: This is extremely important. You simply cannot wander into the heart of the largest and densest jungle in the world without a guide. Get a professional guide wherever you go, and under no circumstances should you ever attempt to make contact with the wild animals, because you cannot gauge their behavior, and the sudden intrusion of humans into their homes may provoke them and cause them to attack. Also, do not swim in any region of the Amazon river without asking your guide, and do not attempt to touch any of the wild plants or flowers because they may be poisonous.
  • Getting proper clothing: You may think that most deaths in the Amazon are caused by the wild animals like crocodiles, but in reality, most deaths occur due to mosquito bites. Therefore, be sure to dress yourself up completely so as to avoid any insect or mosquito bites. If necessary, carry a few repellants with you in order to stay safe.
  •  Carry ample water: People frequently find themselves thirsty while hiking the Amazon. This is completely natural. However, you should always drink bottled and clean water, and therefore should carry enough water with you. Do not drink any water from any of the small channels or the rivers while in the Amazon forest because they may contain harmful bacteria.



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