Must Try Street foods in Brazil


Food is an important part of the Brazilian part of life. Street food, which forms the soul and the heart of this country, has its roots in European, African as well as Middle Eastern influences, giving it a unique and worldly texture and feeling.

If you are a food lover, and an adventurous one at that, then you simply cannot miss Brazil’s famous street foods. But where to start and what to eat? Worry not, we have a simple list of the most essential street foods, found across the country, that you should try.

Top 5 Brazilian Street Foods


  • It is a flat griddle cake which is quite similar to an average pancake. It is usually made with local cassava flour and freshly shredded coconut. Then, it is deep fried so that the centre remains moist and gooey, and the outer side is crunchy and crisp. Depending on which part of Brazil you are in, you get different stuffing rolled inside the tapioca crepe. For instance, most traditional street food corners and stalls prefer a savory filling, consisting of some kind of meat, or even something sweet like cream and bananas.

Pastel de Queijo:

  • Derived from the traditional Chinese egg rolls, the Pastels are basically deep friend golden and crispy pocket sized pastries which are filled with a variety of fillings, ranging from shrimp to something simple like cheese. They are extremely cheap, and are considered an evening snack by the locals, and is often served with some chilled beer or fresh sugarcane juice, which itself is another favourite. Mostly, pastels are widely available in varieties during some special occasions.


  • The whole world may be obsessed with the weight loss promoting Acai berry, but the Amazonians did it first. The traditional Acai bowl was considered the poor man’s breakfast, since it was cheap and provided a large boost of energy for all the daily work, and usually consisted offrozen or fresh acai berries with banana, granola, and guaraná syrup. But now with the rise of the Acai berry, many modern restaurants in Rio and Sao Paolo have put their own gourmet twists on them, and they are also being incorporated into a large number of meals at high end Brazilian bars.


  • A dish with Middle Eastern origins, Kibe or Quibe is one of the quick filling dishes found on the streets of Brazil. Made with bulgur wheat and minced meat like beef, chicken or lamb, it is sold in a number of ways across the country, like fried, baked or even raw in some cases. However, we advise you to stay away from the raw variety if you are not accustomed to it.

Aipim Frito:

  • Basically, cassava chips, they were the original French fried of the Indigenous people. It is one of those dishes which is cooked in every household, mainly due to the fact that it is extremely cheap and that the cassava plant is widely available across every corner in the country of Brazil.

City  Rio Street Food


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