Dancing to the Beat: Best Samba Bars in Rio de Janeiro

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Hottest 5 Samba Bars in Rio de Janeiro

If there is one thing that is inseparable from the soul of Rio de Janeiro, then it is Samba. From small scale local bars to high end posh restaurants, Samba forms a very important part of the Brazilian culture, and has its roots in African music. In fact, any special occasion in Brazil is considered incomplete without a little bit of samba.

Therefore, a trip to Brazil, particularly Rio de Janeiro remains incomplete without a small visit to one of its samba clubs or samba bars. But where to go?

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of some of the hottest Samba clubs that you can pop in.

Carioca da Gema

This particular club has been in business for the last 16 years, and is still going strong among the people of Lapa. In fact, it attracts customers from all ages of life, and has some of the best local bands playing at the centre, almost on a daily basis. The club is situated in an old colonial style building, where a spacious terrace opens into the city. In case you get tired of all the dancing, just pop into the terrace with a drink in hand.



This particular samba club is located very close to the port, and the main building which houses it, is almost 100 years old. If you are looking for some authentic and traditional samba music, then this place is just perfect for you. Most of the crowd here consists of the locals, since not a lot of tourists know about this place. They also serve good food and drinks, in case you need to regain your strength.



This bar plays a ton of different music, and as a result, attracts a very wide crowd. For instance, on the first Saturday of the month, it hosts its signature Samba afternoons, while Tuesdays are strictly for vinyl only DJ marathons and electro music, which makes this one more of a nightclub rather than a samba club, but this one is so good that we couldn’t resist mentioning it. The food is another plus point, and the menu puts a rather modern spin on some of the traditional Brazilian dishes. Do give their stuffed pastries a try!



This is more of a work of art. The Chilean born Brazilian painter Jorge Selaron spent almost twenty years on this mosaic stairs. Basically, it is a bunch of steps, each covered with insanely beautiful and colourful marbles and tiles from all across the world, which the artist saw as a tribute to the Brazilians. This is a must visit for everyone!



This place has some of the best live samba sessions in all of Lapa. From the brightly lit space to the funky artwork, everything reeks of life and indulgence in this quaint little club. Just walk into the mezzanine balcony, where you can enjoy their amazing cocktails and munch on their divine finger foods.

Trapiche Gamboa, bar com roda de samba na Saúde, zona portuária, eleito o melhor no estilo pela Veja Rio, em 2008.

Trapiche Gamboa, bar com roda de samba na Saúde, zona portuária, eleito o melhor no estilo pela Veja Rio, em 2008.

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