The Traveler’s Guide to Fernandode Noronha


paradisiacal Fernando de Noronha

If you ever ask a traveler which one place you should see on your one and only trip to Brazil, their inevitable answer will be the paradisiacal Fernando de Noronha. Set almost 350 kilometers off the shore of Brazil, this archipelago is a combination of 21 islands and islets, and is named after the famous 16th century Portuguese merchant Fernão de Noronha.


Summer paradise

Travelling to this island can get a little tricky. It is mandatory to pay an Environment Protection Tax at the airport. There is sunshine all year round, and the beaches make for an absolutely amazing setting to witness the setting or the rising sun. There is greenery everywhere, and as a result of this, the air here remains clear of pollution, and noise is extremely limited, offering you peace of mind and solitude. There are a wide number of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from, including the PousadaTeju-Acu, the Dolphin Hotel, the PousadaMaravilha, the Pousada Estrela Do Mar, the Pousada Solar Das Andorinhas and so on.


There are hardly 3000 people living in this region, which makes it a perfect getaway if you are looking for some alone time to connect with your inner zen. Also, this region was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO during the year 2001, because it is home to some of the rarest wild animals, birds and plants. For instance, the two endemic birds the Noronha elaenia and  Noronha vireo live in the mainland. If you are lucky, you may get a rare glimpse of the huge number of colourful fish, dolphins and perhaps even a few whales at a distance while on Fernando de Noronha.


There isn’t all that much to do in this island. If you are looking for a pulsating and high energetic nightlife, then this is not the place for you. On the other hand, you can take a romantic stroll down the beaches during the twilight, try hiking at one of the many trails, go snorkeling or swimming, of course, with an instructor or even go dolphin viewing, which is a very popular activity here.There are also a bunch of beaches like the Cacimba do Padre Beach where you can go surfing. Or if you feel adventurous, visit the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park. There are also a large number of amazing restaurants where you can try some of the local cuisines, all of which are made from fresh produces caught during the day, and prepared locally. Some of the popular restaurants include Xica da Silva, the Veranda and so on.


When it comes to Fernando de Noronha, there is little that can be said. This archipelago with its incredible weather, glittering golden sand dunes and crystal clear water, is something that has to be experienced on your own. From the food, the music to the incredible wildlife present in this region, it is hard not to marvel at the power and beauty of the world around us.


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