Things to Try Out While in Sao Paolo


Sao Paolo – one of the liveliest cities in entire world

Not only does Sao Paolo serve as the financial centre of Brazil, but is also one of the liveliest cities in entire world. Sao Paolo is a land of for the huge hearted, who love to live and laugh. From the brightly coloured houses, the incredible architecture, the local music to the pulsating night life, time never seems to stop in this place.

Considered one of the hottest tourist destinations in Brazil, Sao Paolo is so culturally rich, that exploring it could take days. But we have a short guide of all the essential things you can do while you are on your next trip to Sao Paolo.

  • Visit the Praca da Liberdade- After the end of the Second World War, a large number of Japanese people came to Sao Paolo and settled here. Over the years, their generations lived here too, and as a token of friendship and respect, you have the Praca da Liberdade. There are a large number of Japanese people living in the Liberdade district, and the entrance has a beautiful erected red gate called a Torii to welcome visitors. Every first week of July, the people here celebrate the Stars festival, and while you are here, you can shop and try out excellent Japanese cuisine.
  • Visit some samba clubs- Your trip to Sao Paolo is incomplete without at least one visit to a samba club. Most of these clubs are local, and actually, there are a wide number of clubs scattered across the region, where not only can you get to listen to some live samba music being played by local bands and indie singers, but you can also try out traditional spicy foods and sip on a myriad of interesting local drinks and cocktails.
  • See the Museu de Arte de São Paulo- Host to some of the most incredible Latin American art including the works of Van Gogh, Botticelli, Monet and so on , this museum also hosts some beautiful temporary exhibitions as well. Visiting it on a Sunday is ideal because just opposite to the museum, you get to experience the local flea market filled with clothes, handicrafts, as well as get to try some street side local food, ice creams and beverages.
  • Walk along the AvenidaPaulista- This is the official financial hub of Sao Paolo, but it is a small representation of the entire culture of Sao Paolo. Take your time walking along the streets, because you are bound to come across a multitude of street artists working hard at their crafts, random decorations and graffiti in places, and of course, the incredible smell of street food and the ever present street music.
  • Visit the Museu de Futebol- How can any Brazilian trip be complete without a mandatory football stadium visit? Situated in EstadioPacaembu, this place has an incredible soccer related display and relevant displays of important Brazilian players, World Cup Matches as well as other interactive Also get to visit the gift shop and listen to some nice music.


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