Traditional Foods to try While in Brazil

People say that you are what you eat, and quite honestly, they aren’t too far off from the truth. As necessary as travelling is, no trip is ever complete without its fair share of food. And what better way to know about a certain place rather than try out its cuisine?
Brazilian cuisine is one of the richest, most varied and most delicious cuisines in the entire world. From extravagant and gourmet dishes served in restaurants to street food, every food is a take on some of the most popular traditional foods of the Brazilian culture. Let’s take a look at some of the traditional Brazilian foods that cannot be missed on your next trip to Brazil.

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brazilian food

  • Pao de Queija – Simply called the Brazilian cheese bread, this is a simple dish where small calls or rolls of normal bread are stuffed with cheese and then baked. It is a hugely popular morning and evening snack, and is also a popular street side food. In fact, you can either find them being freshly made in Brazilian homes or even being sold in supermarkets.


  • Brigadeiro- This is THE Brazilian sweet dish to try if you are in Brazil. It is a food for both the rich and the poor in Brazil, and is served in almost every special occasions and celebrations. Basically, you make a mixture of butter, condensed milk and powdered chocolate in a bowl, make them into small balls and cook them in the oven like cupcakes. Once they are done, you simply sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles on them. But that’s not necessary, you can eat them simply without the sprinkles. A number of upscale restaurants have put a modern and more expensive spin on this dish.
  • Moqueca – This is a must try for all seafood lovers. What really happens in this dish is that a myriad of seafood like fish and prawns are slow cooked in an earthen pot along with diced tomatoes, onions, coriander and other such vegetables, which varies in preparation. This is a heavy dish, and is usually served with bread rolls, rice, farofa which is basically fried manioc flour, and porridge. Preparation of this dish varies from region to region. For instance, people in Bahia add palm oil and coconut milk to it, while the Capixabas add annatto seeds for red coloring.
  • Churrasco- This is basically a spicier version of grilled meat, and is a very popular traditional Brazilian street food. It is made with different kinds of meats like chicken, pork, beef and so on, and is usually cooked with skewers and served with fried egg, a traditional sauce or even mashed potatoes.
  • Feijoada-This is a really old and traditional “common man” dish made with beans, and served with other foods like rice, farofa and so on. It consists of beans, any type of meat, vegetables like carrots, okra and pumpkin, cooked in a thick earthen pot over slow burning coals. Considered a family food, you take your time eating your Feijoada.




traditional food brazil

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