Hush, Hush: The 5 Most Secluded Beaches in Brazil

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While most vacations are an excuse to get away from the breakneck paces of our everyday lives, the problem with them is that most of our vacation destinations are crowded and noisy, which beats the entire purpose of the vacation itself. Where do we go looking for peace, solitude and calmness of the mind? What if we told you that across the world, in the beautiful land of Brazil, there exist, in some hidden nooks and crannies, some beautiful and secluded beaches?

Here is a list of some of the most secluded but beautiful beaches in all of Brazil. Far from the madding crowd, they bring you closer to nature and to yourself.

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Praia da Pipa

  • Situated just an hour’s travel away from the south of Natal, this beautiful island once used to be a fishing spot and was largely a Bohemian existence spot. However, during the late 1990s things began to change and it slowly started its journey towards modernism. Just around the corner is Baía dos Golfinhos, and of course, there is absolutely no shortage of the blue green sparkling water and the incredible and absolutely dazzling aquatic wildlife that you can see while on the Raia da Pipaisland.

Praia de Itacoatiara

  • Situated just across the Guanabara bay from Rio de Janeiro, the town of Niteróiis every individual’s paradise. It has a number of beautifully different beaches including Sao Francisco, Pratinininga, Icarai and of course, Itacoatiara. The small island of Itacoatiara is situated perfectly between two natural mountains, and as a result of this, gets a huge number of large waves, making it one of the most perfect destinations for surfers and the ones looking for some thrilling water sports experiences.

Fernando de Noronha

  • Since this island has been declared an Environmental Protection Agency by the Government of Brazil, the number of people who get to visit this island at a time is very limited and strictly controlled. Not only does this island boast some absolutely incredible flora and fauna, but it is still close to nature, in the form that the roads are still covered with sand throughout the year, and that electric powered street lights are forbidden, which means that the only source of light on the streets at night is the moonlight.

Praia do Forte

  • This island is situated on Bahia’s Costa dos Coqueiros, which is also known as the Coconut Coast. Complete with its own natural swimming pools, this island is picture perfect with stretches of golden sand, lightly swaying palm trees lining the beach, and an abundance of water sporting options to choose from.

    Morro de São Paulo

  • Just a two-hour boat ride from Salvador, there is literally no winter in this region. This island was modernized quite recently, which means that you will get to see a ton of remnants of its old ways. With five consecutive beaches, this is a huge step away from the crowd and the noise of the more popular beaches of Brazil.
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