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2016 Summer Games

The year 2016 is extremely special to all of the people in Brazil as the year’s Olympic Sports are going to be held here. With just a few months to go, the whole world has its eyes on this nation, and what and how they are going to handle the entire Herculean event. The event that will be the official 28th edition of the Summer games is extremely special, since the Olympics have never been held in South America before. It will be held in Rio de Janeiro from the 5th of August to 21st of August.

How did this happen? Well, the process of selecting a nation to hold the Olympics is long and intricate. In a watered down version, what happens is that the countries who wish to have it at their homes, present their candidacy to the International Olympic Committee also known as the IOC. During the year 2007, seven cities were nominated by their National Olympic Committee (NOC). The next year, the IOC shortlisted four of them – Madrid, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Chicago. Finally, Rio was voted by the council as the selected region.

Olympic Games Numbers

It is estimated that around8 million tickets for the event will be issued of which approximately 3.8 million will be made available for 70 Brazilian reais which is approximately US$30 or less, making it accessible to the public. In fact, the authorities have said that the entire point of the Olympics being held in Rio de Janeiro is that more and more people from the everyday crowd can be involved.

It has been decided by the concerned authorities that most of the events are to be held in four major zones of the city – Deodoro, Copacabana, Maracana and finally Barra, which will also serve as the host of the Olympic Village. While the volleyball, long distance swimming and the triathlon will be held in the Copacabana beach, archery and marathon races will take place in Sambódromo. Apart from hosting the Olympic village, Barra will also play host to events like tennis, basketball, golf, cycling and gymnastics. On the other hand, Deodoro will be the host of events like BMX racing, rugby, shooting, field hockey and so on. Both the opening as well as the closing ceremonies will be held in Maracana.

As of now, the entire nation is undergoing some serious infrastructural modifications in order to host the games. In fact, the entire of the popular downtown of Rio de Janeiro is being modified for better water system, called Porto Maravilha. This involves planting of massive number of trees, better drainage, more water supply to the region, better supply of gas and electricity, setting up of pavements and sidewalks, building tunnels among a myriad of other things.

Community-based Police Pacification Units (UPPs) are being used to interact with the locals and build a healthy relationship in order to reduce crime rates and drug related incidents. On 21 April 2016, the official flame was lit in the temple of Hera in Olympia.


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