Brazil in the Sun: The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil


Fernando de Noronha

Considered one of the most coveted holiday spots in the world, Brazil is just as famous for its illustrious sports world as it is for its glittering beaches and rich culture. From Hollywood movie worthy glamorous and sexy beaches to family friendly and secluded beaches, Brazil has it all. Be it the golden glittering sand, the cold water or the swaying trees, there is something about the beaches of Brazil that make them amazing.
On that note, let’s take a brief look at some of the best beaches in Brazil:


  • Fernando de Noronha– This stunning little volcanic beach is situated a few miles off the North Eastern coast of Brazil. The main attraction in this region are the three destinations that guides say are a must visit –the Praia do Sancho, which can be reached through a crack amidst the rocks, the beautiful Baía dos Porcos and finally Atalaia, which not only is a safe haven for a myriad of aquatic wildlife, but also an incredible spot for swimming and snorkeling.


  • Ilha Grande – This is located just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, and was closed to the public for decades. However, now it is one of the hottest beaches in Brazil, particularly due to its incredibly rich range of wild flora and fauna. In fact, it is home to some of the most endangered animals in the world like the brown howler monkey, rare corals as well as the Magellanic penguins. Tourists stay at the Vila do Abraão and are taken through various trekking trails.


  • Ceará Jericoacoara – Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this little gem is just as secluded as it is beautiful. In fact, there are no air conditioners or hot showers here because it has been declared an Environmental Protection Area. Even using electric powered street lights is forbidden by law, making the natural moonlight the only source of light for the people. But it more than makes up for it with its beautifully blue lagoons, waterfalls, sandy beaches and serene atmosphere, as well as amazing opportunities for wind surfing and sailing.


  • Alter do Chao – Located on the Love Island, the Alter do Chao is the main tourist destination in the region of Santarém, and is often referred to as the “Brazilian Caribbean”. This is perfect for the ones looking for a relaxed and laid-back vacation, and is available for only half a year because during the rainy season, this beach disappears beneath the water. Interestingly, there are no mosquitoes on this beautifully elusive little island.


  • Caraiva – Completely simple and cut off from the hustle of the world, the only ways of transportation in this island is either walking or small carts. In fact, this island got electricity only in 2007. The beach stretches for kilometers, with the occasional beach bars. So lay back, kick up your feet, enjoy occasional strolls and pay a visit to FazendaCaraiva via a short boat journey.
copacabana beach

rio de janeiro copacabana beach


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