The best Hidden or Obscure Attractions in Brazil

Like most people in the world, when you visit an unknown country like Brazil, you are bound to take conventional trips to the most popular tourist destinations and spots. While They may be extremely beautiful and awe inspiring, just like any other country in the world, there are many undiscovered layers to Brazil.

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro

  • The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro- As the name suggests, this incredibly large and beautiful library, which opened its doors to the general public in the year 1887, is home to the single largest collection of Portuguese texts outside of Portugal itself. Apart from the fact that the Gothic and Renaissance inspired architecture is breathtakingly beautiful, the Reading Room has a collection of extremely rare original manuscripts, books, proofs, paintings and so on, making it a beautiful display of the history and culture of Portugal to all of its tourists and visitors.


  • Ilha da Queimada Grande- Aptly names the Snake Islands, this place is rather isolate due to the large number of highly venomous snakes that call this island home. In fact, even locals tend to leave this island alone. Situated about 90 miles off the coast of Brazil, you actually need help from the Brazilian Navy in order to reach this island legally. The most common snake on this island is a kind of pit viper called golden lanceheads, which is responsible for almost 90% of all snake related deaths in Brazil.


  • Gruta Do Lago Azul- Also known by the locals as the Blue Lake, the Gruta Do Lago Azul is one of the largest naturally occurring cavities on the whole planet, and was only discovered during the 1920s. Although the water in the lake cavity is a beautiful sparkling blue color, which turns even more stunning when hit by the direct rays of the sun, the source of the water which feeds the lake is yet to be discovered. Some years ago, a diving expedition revealed a large number of prehistoric bones at the bottom of the cave, including ones belonging to the Sabretoth.


  • Fordlândia– Built by legendary Henry Ford When the automobile and the rubber plantation was at its peak, this colony is sprtead over six million acres of land in the Amazon.. He included a hospital, a hotel, a modern power plant and even a golf course in this small colony. Malaria hit the colony and it failed misereably since the rubber plants did not thrive.


  • The Glowing Termite Mounds in Emas National Park- Termite molds as high as 7 meters will surprise you in this National Park. The light is emitted by the glowing Pyrophorus beetle larvae which also inhabit these molds. The best time to see them is during the summer since the larvae thrive in the heat.

glowing termites


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